Halal Purification Protocol

HALAL PURIFICATION PROTOCOL (HPP) 'Cleansing' process that complies to strict and Islamic rules and protocols. HPP is to be carried out on all plants, premise, equipment, tools, clothing and even parts of the human anatomy that has been deemed to be tainted or come into contact with contaminants which is not permitted under Islam, such as pork meat or its by-products, physical contact with a dog, or feces, etc.


Naturally muslims knows that HACCP & GMP is contribute to the quality and safety of Halal food. But they are also aware that this component (HACCP & GMP) is still incomplete because there is no element of "HOLY/SACRED" which is fundamental in Islamic law. Thus, the application of (HPP) Halal Purification Protocol will restore their confidence because it practices a purifying activities and used as a conformity assessment in Halal Assurance System.

In the context of an Industry, be it a containerized-truck, warehouse, plant, premise, equipment, tools and/or clothing, Sertu needs to be carries out by an Islamic-Sertu Qualified personnel who is able to issue a Islamic Hygiene Practice (IHP) Certification which confirms that the place and process involved is cleansed of all items or residue (contaminants) which is not allowed Islamic rites.

Halal Purification Protocol (HPP) is a cleansing and sanitizing system according to syaria and was developed by Global Dibagh Sdn Bhd. It is a precise content of Halal Assurance System within the context of Jakim's Halal Certification. Sacred and sanitation aspects play a major role and be the key to this system 'value proposition'. It contains technical and management aspects consolidated into a systems that benefits the industry players as well as sub-industry players associated with it. The implementation of the IHP will produce a variety of opportunities and economic arms as well as returning the equity to the stakeholders.

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